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At PPS Short-Term Insurance, we understand the demands on your profession and strive to mitigate the unfortunate effect this can have on your lifestyle and profession.


This is why our tailored policies work harder and smarter to minimise these disruptions, allowing you to recover faster and with greater ease.

So, while you continue to grow your family and build your career and business, trust PPS Short-Term Insurance to safeguard your assets and cover them against the unforeseen. It is the best car insurance company for graduate professionals with more to protect.

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PPS Short-Term Insurance product offering: It is possible to have financial peace of mind despite life’s uncertainties. With a wide range of insurance products aimed at helping you fulfil your financial responsibility, you will have time to focus on your career.

We also provide cover for, but not limited to, the following:

Building and all-risk cover

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Watercraft Insurance

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Minor Chips & Dents

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Personal Accident Cover

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