Tips to ensure your car insurance works for you

  • In the event of an accident, always get the details of any eyewitnesses and take photos of the scene.
  • Report an accident to the police within 48 hours, or as soon as reasonably possible, and obtain a case number to accompany your claim.
  • Make sure your policy correctly reflects the regular driver of the vehicle and lists any additional drivers you have.
  • Ensure that any individual driving your vehicle has a valid driver’s licence.
  • Add any new vehicles to your insurance policy before you collect the vehicle from the dealer.
  • Update your policy immediately when circumstances change, such as your residential address, as this may affect your policy.
  • You can lower your car insurance premiums by making sure it is more secure. How? Fit an approved alarm or immobiliser, park in a garage or lockup carport and make sure security devices are approved.
  • Did you know that your car insurance policy covers the loss of keys or immobiliser of your car? Now you do!
  • Towing is included in your policy. Your car insurance compensates you for tow-in and safeguarding, after a mechanical breakdown of your vehicle.



Holiday tips when travelling by car

  • When going on a road trip, take time to check your vehicles brakes, lights and electrical system which will help ensure your safety on the road but also reduce your overall motoring costs.
  • Test your vehicle’s battery and refill the distilled water to ensure that it is working at its desired capability. Have the alternator checked to make sure that it keeps the battery charged.
  • Have your vehicle’s shock absorbers, suspension system and wheel alignment checked to ensure that your vehicle is stable and safe.
  • When going on a road trip check the weather report. If a big storm is predicted, it might be better to travel a day earlier to avoid any unnecessary threats on your journey.
  • Pack multiple activities for your kids on your road trip to keep them busy and entertained. Colouring books and reading material about travel are also great to add to the mix in between electronic activities. Remember, if you are planning on taking along your electronic devices, make sure they are charged and you have charging devices  or extra batteries available. As a backup, download some apps on your smartphone incase all else fails.

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