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Why a professional shouldnt follow the crowd when choosing insurance

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on Mar 1, 2019 10:22:00 AM
PPS Short-Term Insurance

We're not for anyone but we could be

Social proof - a term coined in a book by Robert Cialdini, describing the psychological and social phenomenon of influence, is something that at some point in our lives, most of us have succumbed to. Perhaps we have been carried along by the Mexican wave at a sports stadium, looked at others around the dinner table to determine the appropriate way to eat our chicken, or chosen an insurance company simply because everyone was excited about the promise of receiving cash back...Whatever form it takes, the powerful draw of "following the crowd" is undeniable. However, simply following, will result in one making decisions, in a largely automatic and unthinking fashion. While this may be fine for some, we understand that as a professional, you aspire to more than that. You do not seek to follow the crowd but rather to have the crowd follow you. As Max Lucado aptly put it, "a man who wants to lead the orchestra must first turn his back on the crowd!"

Why professionals are set apart

As a professional, you understand that if you do what the majority of people do, you will get what the majority gets! As a result, when it came to your education, you did not stop where the majority stopped. You challenged yourself, persisted with the late-night sacrifices in order to attain that degree, the certification, the recommendation, the honourable mentions and the accolades that few have managed to accomplish. In your career, you set high standards for yourself, exceeded the norm and expanded your arena of influence.

You did all this because you know that you are not like the majority. You are set apart and distinguished amongst your peers. You have already gone the extra mile to get to where you are as a professional. So why regress and start doing what the majority are doing when it comes to your money and your choice of insurer?

You have more to protect! Your car, home and business are signifiers of the life you have built. As you have worked hard for your money, now let your money work hard for you in making sure you adequately insure and protect your assets.

PPS Short-Term Insurance – the specialist insurance solution

If you’re after the cheapest insurance around, wrapped in a bow of empty promises, we may not be for you.

We don’t go for the majority where the bottom line is solely focused on what one can get and how cheap it is! At PPS Short-Term Insurance, we understand our clients’ needs. This is because we solely serve an exclusive pool of clientele – graduate professionals in fields ranging from all medical services and financial professionals to law and engineering. This select risk pool means that we have dedicated our time to understanding your unique needs.

These insights allow us to offer an unparalleled service experience that minimises the demands on your time. We provide a variety of smart insurance solutions to safeguard you in the event of the loss of your assets. Our insurance solutions are specifically tailored to suit your professional requirements in order to minimise interruptions and inconveniences that may be caused by theft, loss or damage. It’s about making you more resilient, so that if you do need to claim, you can recover faster and with greater ease; ensuring you can get back to your family, career and business as soon as possible.

We're not for everyone. But we might be perfect for you!

Our exclusive car, home and business insurance services include:

  • Dedicated Private Client Specialists who provide swift service excellence;
  • Putting people before policies – we know our clients by name, they’re not just numbers;
  • Understanding your needs and minimising the demands on your time;
  • Tailor-made insurance coverage to suit your personal requirements ;
  • Reducing risk and ensuring you are adequately covered; and
  • Faster access to claims when you require them, so you can have minimal downtime of your business and your life!

So, while you continue to grow your family and build your career and business, PPS STI will safeguard your assets and cover them against the unforeseen.

If you are tired of following the path of the crowd and want to set your own trail, turn your back on the crowd and request an insurance obligation free quotation here.

PPS STI is a licensed Financial Services Provider FSP 46274.

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