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What is 1st Class Insurance

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on Feb 1, 2019 10:21:00 AM
PPS Short-Term Insurance


Your Ticket To Peace Of Mind

We all know what 1st Class means. It’s synonymous with quality, convenience and comfort. It’s what you get when you’re not willing to settle for less. When you fly first class, you’re travelling in style with all of the amenities the airline can offer.

And when you get 1st Class Insurance from PPS Short-Term Insurance (PPS STI) you get the level of service and all of the benefits that a discerning graduate professional could expect from his or her insurer.

But what exactly does this mean? What exactly is 1st Class Insurance?

It Is Dedicated Private Client Specialists Who understand Your Needs

As a part of PPS Group, PPS STI has the benefit of almost eight decades of inherited experience in serving the needs of graduate professionals, in fields ranging from engineering and accounting, to medicine and law.

We put this experience to use in understanding your needs and your expectations as someone whose qualifications and work ethic have propelled you to a position of professional responsibility. Your time is valuable, you are concerned about the legacy you’re building, and you don’t want to put your assets’ security in the hands of a faceless stranger who doesn’t appreciate your context.

With PPS STI, your policy and claims are managed by a dedicated Private Client Specialist who understands your claims history and your insurance needs. This gives you a single point of contact with whom you’re familiar and can trust to appropriately take care of matters on your behalf.

It Is Providing Service Excellence By Putting People Before Policies

As a part of the larger PPS Group’s community of graduate professionals, PPS STI believes that you represent South Africa’s future. You are not just a policy number to us. You are a professional. Whether a doctor or an engineer, an advocate or an accountant, you’re destined for great things, and it is important that your peace of mind be maintained so that you can focus on the important matters at hand.

So, while you grow your family, build your business or explore the limits of your own professional capabilities, PPS STI will take the weight of worry off your shoulders and keep your assets covered against the unforeseen.

It Is Partnerships That Give You Faster Access To Claims

Backed by the framework of strategic partnerships and long-cultivated corporate relationships, the PPS STI claims process has been made as easy and simple for you as is possible. After applying for your claim with all of the relevant paperwork, you can rest easy knowing that your dedicated Private Client Specialist will handle matters efficiently, while keeping you apprised of the status of your claim.

The 1st Class experience is all about having your needs met, and when calamity strikes and puts your life on hold, what you need most is to get things moving again. With our fast turnaround of successful claims, PPS STI will help you do exactly that.

Being There For You When It Matters Most

Ultimately, 1st Class Insurance is about being there for you. When times are tough and your prized possessions have been lost, damaged or stolen, you don’t always have the time or the energy to chase your insurer, follow up on your claim or pore over the coverage and exclusion details of your policy. As a busy professional, with numerous responsibilities vying for your attention, what you need is an insurer that knows your personal and professional requirements, understands your reality, and cares about helping you recover from disaster so you can get back to the business of living your life as soon as possible.

Common wisdom tells us that the longer the journey, the more desirable it becomes to fly first class. Well, life is the longest journey you’ll ever embark upon. So, when protecting the assets that matter most, why settle for less than 1st Class Insurance? Why settle for less than PPS?

If you would like to learn more about 1st Class Insurance from PPS STI – including Pro-Insure Car Insurance, Pro-Insure Home Insurance and Pro-Insure Business Insurance – contact us today.

PPS STI is a Licenced Financial Services Provider FSP46274.

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