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Tips for updating your policy in 2021

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on Jul 30, 2021 4:03:42 PM
PPS Short-Term Insurance

Tips for updating your policy in 2021

Updating your insurance policies is a good habit you should practice yearly. But with the significant changes that happened in 2020, it is now more important than ever. Your family, personal wealth and business need coverage against new and old risk.

When you are armed with information and work with an understanding insurance provider, you can improve your insurance portfolio. Here are some tips you can use to adjust your insurance policy to meet your new circumstances or leverage it to bring you more value.

Get your home insurance in order

Your home is at the centre of your life and family. It also carries a large part of your wealth, so your insurance should reflect its importance. If you wish to update your home insurance policy contact your financial adviser to help you to get started. 


If you bought your home a decade ago, it is probably worth more today. Therefore, if your home value has increased, while your home insurance has not, you are under-covered. 


Most home insurance policies cover the building, but not all of its contents. Therefore, it would be best if you had a policy that can cover additional valuables such as jewellery, artwork or antiques. Renovations or home improvements add value to your property, and your insurance policy should reflect that.

With PPS Pro-Insure home insurance, you can provide coverage for your property, valuables, family and guests of your home. In addition, you will have access to medical and legal protection as well for all house occupants.


Shift gears on your car insurance

A car is not just a status symbol; it is critical for driving your family, career and business. As your family grows, your career advances and your business increases, your car becomes an important asset.


Changes in your life, career and business may require an adjustment to your car insurance. PPS Pro-Insure car insurance provides not only cover for your vehicle, but also for personal and business valuables in your car. You can also include cover for scratches and dents, which can be helpful when your teen makes those minor mistakes. Furthermore, should you ever find yourself in a jam, PPS will provide emergency services to provide immediate help for just about any situation.

Mind your business insurance


To say business conditions have changed is an understatement. Your current business situation might not be what it was a year ago. The same applies to the insurance industry.


Now is an excellent time to shop around for a new business insurance provider. The size, operations and risks attached to your business have probably changed; therefore, you need a new quote. PPS offers a range of business insurance coverage that includes interruption of business cover and the work-from-home environment.


Value-added services and Profit-Share 


While shopping around, you can consider the add-ons each policy comes with to make your decisions. PPS Short-Term Insurance comes with an app that offers value-added services such as SOS Services and Concierge Services. Using the app, you can access all the services remotely and at any time. The services on offer include towing, fine payments, and medical assistance, among others.


At PPS, we believe that success is better shared. That is why, as a company operating under an ethos of mutuality, we share our profits with members holding qualifying products. Learn more, here.


You have many smart yearly habits to organise and improve your wealth; it is time you include your insurance policy options. Then, you can adjust them for smarter coverage that is better suited to your circumstances. While weighing your options, never underestimate the value of add-ons that can improve your life and pad your wealth.

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