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This womens month we note why we need more women in the driver's seat

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on Aug 1, 2018 10:06:00 AM
PPS Short-Term Insurance

Why we need more women in the drivers seat

The common misconception in South Africa and all over the world is that women are bad drivers. However, extensive research has proven that this statement is far from correct [1].

Here are some statistics that prove that women drivers are safer than their male counterparts on our roads.

80% Of Road Accidents Are Caused By Men

According to traffic statistics, 80% of all car accidents that kill or seriously injure other drivers and pedestrians involve male drivers. It was also discovered that female drivers were 27% less likely to be found at fault when involved in an accident. And because 65% - 70% of the cars on our roads are not insured, a female driver will most likely be crashed into by an uninsured male driver. [1]

PPS STI doesn’t only cover repairs that may be required after an accident. With our Pro-Insure Car Insurance policy, drivers can mitigate the expense of the unexpected, with protection from unforeseen damage to their vehicles, caused by accidents that are not their fault. The PPS Pro-Insure Car Insurance policy will also pay compensation for accidental death and/or permanent disability caused directly by bodily injury.

Men Receive More Traffic Violation Fines Than Women

Men are the highest recipients of traffic violation fines [1]. They are prone to driving recklessly and are more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol. Men also tend to drive without wearing seatbelts, do not yield or stop where necessary, and generally drive at speeds that exceed regulation limits [3].

Women are prone to having a set routine when it comes to their driving habits, which lowers their risk of being cited for various traffic violations. However, the key issue with a set driving routine in South Africa is that it raises the risk of being hijacked, as hijackers often follow their targets on numerous occasions before they strike. It is therefore very important for women to use alternative routes when travelling home to make life more difficult for would-be hijackers.

If you do end up in the unfortunate circumstance of being hijacked, PPS STI offers a range of cover options that will see to it that the inconvenience from the loss or damage of your vehicle is mitigated. PPS STI provides protection against the theft of, or damage to insured vehicles, regardless of their make, age or vehicle type. PPS Pro-Insure Car Insurance also covers:

  • The replacement of your vehicle after theft or loss
  • Replacement costs for lost keys or remote controls
  • Recovery costs for a vehicle found after theft or hijacking
  • The cost of trauma treatment

For comprehensive car insurance cover, get Pro-Insure Car Insurance from PPS STI to ensure that you have peace of mind when driving your vehicle on our roads this Women's Month and beyond. Protect your assets and safeguard your future with PPS Short-Term Insurance today [2] [3].

PPS STI is an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP46274.

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