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Safeguarding the hard work of graduate professionals

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on May 1, 2018 6:02:00 PM
PPS Short-Term Insurance

Safeguarding the hard work of graduate professionals

Dating as far back as 1886, International Workers’ Day – also known as May Day, is a holidayblog2 (1) honouring the working class across the world, and is widely celebrated in as many as 80 countries. Following the first South African democratic elections in 1994, South Africa joined the international portfolio of countries that commemorate this day and 1 May was inaugurated as an official national public holiday. Today, the working class have a day where they can rest and reflect on the value of their hard work. In honour of International Worker’s Day this year, we thought it would be apt to take a moment to consider the value that your hard work has brought to your life.

You studied hard for what you wanted and when you graduated, you aspired to financial independence and sought to make your own mark in the world.

You were proactive, and have since been able to purchase your own assets. You saved enough money to put down a deposit on your home. Surely, you can remember how truly satisfying it was on the day you moved in to your new home – the foundation of your future. That sense of anticipation you felt about embarking on the new chapter in your life. You had created your own safe haven, your own piece of paradise.

The day you upgraded your student vehicle to one more befitting a professional like yourself is one you can look back on with pride. You rely on that vehicle to take you to your place of work where you continue to work hard and build the life you have dreamed of. You rightly take pride in what you have accomplished.

Establishing your career and or your business was no easy feat. The sheer number of hours spent building up your legacy and the sweat equity poured in, come second-to-none. You value the incredible opportunities you’ve encountered and the achievements you’ve made of them. You’re ambitious and impatient to achieve the next goals in your career.

You put yourself into the position to have a car, a house, a business and all the little things that make life worthwhile. With all the hard work you put in, you know these assets are worth more than just their financial value, much more than just a figure on paper. They represent your freedom and security. They’re stepping stones to the future you want.

It has all come down to hard work and it’s all been worth every hour of study, every day spent working and every drop of hard-earned sweat. But really, what will it all have been worth, if the results of your achievements are unprotected? If your car, your home or your business are at the mercy of unexpected perils, what does that mean for the hard work that went into earning them?

So, this Workers’ Day, we encourage you to consider the worth of your hard work and the assets that your labour has earned you. Think about what it is worth to protect those assets and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re covered.

At PPS Short-Term Insurance (PPS STI), we understand the dedication, time and the passion it takes to be the professional you are and the value you place on the life you are building. It is with that same driven mindset that we deliver professional short-term insurance solutions suited to the graduate professional like you.

We offer unmatched car, home and business insurance to a select pool of graduate professionals. So, while you build your future, your family and your career, we make sure that your assets are secure.

We are dedicated to providing you with professional service that mitigate the inconveniences arising from loss or damage of your home when the unforeseen occurs. Let us ensure your assets are protected so you can continue to feel proud of all that your hard work has achieved. After all, it’s your life, the mark you’re going to make on the world!

Protect your assets.
Safeguard your future.

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