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PPS Short-Term Insurance The Ombudsman's Report

Posted by PPS Short-Term Insurance on Jun 3, 2019 10:12:00 AM
PPS Short-Term Insurance


At PPS Short-Term Insurance, our mission is to treat our clients to a level of service defined by its high quality, its responsiveness and suitability to your individual needs, and, of course, the convenience it offers. For the graduate professional already dealing with the peripheral challenges presented by the loss, damage, or theft of property – be it your car, household contents, or a business-related asset – we understand that the best insurance company is the one that is there when you need them. When you’re going through hard times, you want your insurer to relieve the burden of worry – not add to it.

That’s why, when you’re at your worst, we make it a point to be at our best.

We also understand that you didn’t get to where you are in life by believing everything you’re told, so don’t just take our word for it.

The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance – South Africa’s trusted watchdog for the industry – in a recent report confirmed that PPS Short-Term Insurance receives among the fewest complaints of any active short-term insurer in South Africa. With only a single complaint recorded in the report, we were a part of a very small and exclusive group of insurance companies whose services have given consumers little reason for worry. Of the 51 South African short-term insurance companies listed, we received the second-fewest complaints per 1000 claims, clocking in at only 0.27.

Insurance That Pursues Perfection

While we’re proud of the performance we’ve offered our clients, the corporate culture that the PPS Group has cultivated for almost 8 decades doesn’t allow us to rest on our laurels or settle for anything less than the best. That one complaint received over the tracked period is one complaint too many, as far as we’re concerned.

After all, we see our graduate professional clientele as being fundamental to the success of South Africa as a whole – you deserve the best.

Our Private Client Specialists personify this dedication to meeting your needs and are a part of the secret behind our exemplary record. When you sign up with PPS Short-Term Insurance, you’re getting more than the services of an insurance company – you’re joining a community of graduate professionals, a family that takes care of its own.

We take the time to understand your industry, your personal and professional needs, and we endeavour to tailor our services to meeting the requirements of your individual lifestyle.

That dedication, anticipation of needs, and personalised service is what we call Intelligent Insurance – so, make the Smart Choice and contact PPS Short-Term Insurance for all your car, home or business insurance needs.


PPS STI is a licensed Financial Services Provider FSP 46274.

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